About RACQ CareFlight

Water Police is a reality style action drama series; inspired by true events Water Police explores the world of the Water Police Officer set against the magnificent backdrop of the Gold Coast and its surrounding waterways, and therein lies the valuable connection – water police often work hand in hand with RACQ Careflight.

Over almost three decades, RACQ CareFlights iconic blue and yellow helicopters have treated more than 15,000 sick and injured people. With a critical care doctor on board every mission, RACQ CareFlight is regularly sent to serious accident, where early medical intervention can often be the difference between life and death.

Crews are made up of a pilot, air crewman, paramedic and doctor. On standby 24/7 at the Gold Coast hangar, they can be in the air within minutes of being tasked.

CareFlights medical and rescue helicopter service is on stand-by 24 hours a day to provide critical care and emergency response for people who are sick or injured in our flight region, spanning southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

With aircraft based on the Gold Coast and at other bases, our crews can reach most areas in the flight region within 60 minutes of receiving a call out. Research shows that a patients chance of surviving an accident can be increased by up to 50% if they can be treated by a doctor within an hour of sustaining their injuries. RACQ CareFlights’ flying intensive care unit, with full crew including a critical care doctor, intensive care paramedic, pilot and rescue crewman, can respond in as little as 6 minutes.

After nearly three decades, RACQ CareFlights biggest supporters are still the communities of southern QLD which contribute almost half of the services funding. At an estimated cost of $10,000 per mission, this vital service is provided at no direct cost to patients.

For more information about this lifesaving helicopter rescue service visit RACQ CareFlight – www.careflightrescue.org.au

slide3Involvement in Water Police

Note: RACQ CareFlight’s involvement in the Water Police series revolves around important training scenarios for RACQ Careflight Rescue Crew, and the helicopter is on call at all times to respond to real emergencies. It is hoped that the unique and realistic training scenarios that the production of Water Police is able to provide will be of aid in future emergencies.